HELPFUL TIP: How many times have you worked through a problem for more time than you probably should only to put down the answer for X in the wrong units, or forgotten a negative sign that threw off the answer, or simply bubbled in C when you meant to bubble in A? ✋ I’m with you…. But if a good portion of our errors are from concentration, why are we ignoring that issue as something we can address? One of the number one ways you can improve concentration is with meditation. There’s an app called Headspace that takes ten minutes a day and can dramatically reduce your level of focus. I find if you do ten minutes before bed it helps sleep quality, too. If you’re dedicated to improving your score, check out this app. It can be a real game-changer, not only for testing, but for your life.

Relevant Story: I grew up with sports. I was on the football team (well, I was in the photo, anyway…), I played basketball. The last thing I’d be caught dead doing was any yoga or meditation. That was for pansies… That changed when my wife came along and introduced me to yoga and meditation. Everything changed. Now I sleep well, my mood is far more stable, and my focus has dramatically improved. It is an essential part of my day. Thank you, wife! ☺️It can be hard trying new things and we all fear judgement in one way or the other, but trust me… if you try this out for 30 days, it will change your life.