Working with Alliance vastly improved my ability to write persuasive, structurally sound essays, and I still use their advice while writing papers in college. They broke down the writing process for me in a way that made it seem easy and simple. In addition to teaching me about essay structure and flow, they also encouraged me to think outside of the box with my analysis. They taught me to look at my ideas from different angles, acknowledge counterarguments, and so much more.
Alliance has been helping my son in English and SAT Prep for over a year, and I can't say enough about how positive and productive that has been. My son has so many more tools in writing as a result, and the SAT preparation is providing excellent results.
This company has excellent tutors!!!
Alliance has always been such excellent help to my children. I would definitely recommend their service to my friends and family.  Alex’s tireless guidance and clear explanation that has helped our son, Justin.  The support from Alex has been tremendous and amazing.  We are very pleased with the result and would definitely refer any potential students to Alex Merrill in the future.
Incredible tutoring, got my ACT Score up 5 points in only 3 months! Highly Recommend.
Alex Merrill provided structure and focused coaching to our son.  His dedicated approach and attention to detail were invaluable.  Our son became a more confident and competent student as a result of working with Mr. Merrill.  We would highly recommend him as a tutor.
Alliance Tutoring is super helpful for a wide range of subjects and they are very knowledgeable. Wonderful experience and I highly recommend!
Mr. Merrill tutored our daughter, Isabelle, as a Sophomore and Junior at Taft. He gave her a great deal of help with English, especially writing. He helped her write better structured and more focused essays and helped her prepare for the SAT exams. Isabelle credits Mr. Merrill with helping her develop into a focused reader and an excellent writer. The skills she learned from Mr. Merrill's tutoring have helped her significantly in her first year as a college student. Mr. Merrill was also a caring academic advisor to Isabelle.
After having Mr. Merrill as both a teacher and a tutor, I can confidently say that he significantly improved my reading and writing skills. If it weren't for his annotation rules, I probably still wouldn't be able to effectively annotate books today! His tutoring for the SAT and ACT definitely helped me improve my scores to get me to where I needed to be. 10/10 would recommend!