Specialized Tutoring and Executive Function Coaching for Students who are Stuck



Services for Elementary & Middle School Students

Alliance Tutoring has a set of tutors specifically experienced in mentoring and teaching kids in grades K-8. Our system combines executive skill building with academic support to help supplement academic skills for young students. Getting added support in reading & writing or math skills at a young age can help prevent larger delays down the road for a young student and advance his or her skills beyond the expected levels without this type of support.

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Services for High School Students

With the amount of responsibility lumped onto a modern high school student’s plate, it’s a wonder that any of them manage to hold it all together! The modern high school education practically demands more specialized care to maintain the balance. Alliance tutors are uniquely capable of providing this balance by utilizing a student’s unique learning profile and underlying motivations and fears. They are skilled at finding ways to motivate and engage students who are overwhelmed with homework, stressed out, disorganized or behind in their coursework.

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Services for College Students

A college environment offers many challenges to students in balancing academic, athletic, extra-curricular, and social worlds, often necessitating skills that are brand new to them. This can be a perfect storm for many young adults. It is no wonder that the attrition rate for freshman year averages 33% in American colleges! Alliance seeks to mitigate this problem by assisting students who are overwhelmed with homework, stressed out, disorganized, and behind in their courses.

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Navigating the transition from high school to college can be really challenging. Students have to balance studying for SAT or ACT, selecting and completing the right courses in their senior year, writing college essays, and managing athletic or extra-curricular demands. Having a trusted academic expert and coach to help your teen succeed on standardized tests that count for 30-40% of the application’s value can be critical. Don’t leave the prospects of his or her collegiate career to chance!

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Alliance Tutoring’s High Score Test Prep Platform combines the power of AI with the know-how of the best test prep specialists in the education sector. With hundreds of full practice tests and test prep sections for the SAT and ACT generated utilizing AI and carefully vetted by our professionals to simulate the real tests, it offers access to a unique set of practice materials that form the backbone of our program.

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Alliance has developed a network of highly trained and experienced PhD and Masters level tutors with educational backgrounds from only the most competitive schools who have scored 97% and up on the tests they tutor. They work closely with students to guide them through the entire testing process. Alliance offers proprietary test prep programs that will help increase scores through ‘diagnosis, drill and deliver,’ a patented three-phase process for preparation that has proven results.

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High Score

In committing to the Alliance packages, we fully guarantee to bring up a student’s test scores to the desired target score, to set the key data point in college applications. We offer a free thirty-minute initial consultation to determine best timing and course of action based on goals and contextual factors for the student before initiation.

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Determining class/course selection is also one of the early tasks: scouting the teachers or professors based on their reputations and any other available information about them, strategically arranging course load and distribution towards requirements or resume building, and long-term planning are all part of the approach.

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We begin with all students by establishing an organizational system, typically either paper planner, white board, or our favorite, google calendar. We then check the planner with the student at the beginning and end of every session to check off progress and make any edits needed.

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We coach the students through writing professional emails. Introducing oneself at the beginning of the semester, requesting accommodations, asking questions about the assessments are the basic templates. But continuing to build instructor/administrative relationships by helping them to navigate tricky situations in this unique dynamic can also be key to success.

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An under-appreciated facet of Executive Function coaching is the element of positive ego construction. Getting motivated to complete a task or overcome frustration is infinitely easier if there is an underlying assumption that the mentor actually believesin that student to complete the task, and, most importantly, has a genuinely positive appreciation for that student as their best self. Our coaches are always attentive to this dimension to the relationship, which ultimately determines its success.

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While issues with attention can be managed with medication, mindfulness, and therapeutic treatments, we focus on strategically addressing attention. Segmenting the sessions in a way that fosters greatest productivity is beginning of this effort. Teaching the student to recognize their own patterns and take the reins of this strategic management is the ultimate goal, requiring a fair amount of gentle self-reflection along the way.

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At Alliance Tutoring, we aim to instruct students in the method most conducive to their success. Our services offer unique flexibility to ease academic and test-taking strains. You can choose any or a combination of the below methods to best suit your student needs.


In-person Tutoring & Coaching Service


On-demand remote tutoring


In-home Tutoring & Coaching service

Virtual Reality

360 degree immersive learning environment



As a “late-bloomer” who struggled mightily in the transition between adolescent and adulthood, I wanted to provide a service that provided exemplary mentors who could provide holistic support to students in the transition between worlds. I wanted a one-on-one format that customized experience based on personal needs not available in traditional educational models. I wanted tutors who were as wise as the teachers I had when I was young, knowledgeable not only in the subjects themselves, but the skills that surround them that allow for success. I wanted infinite flexibility to meet a student ‘where they are,’ in their most comfortable place– be it in person, in home, online, or anywhere they were. I wanted, in other words, to offer all of the value that an educator could provide only sporadically in office hours in a concentrated, pure, and exceptional form.

The result is Alliance Tutoring, a carefully culled collection of outstanding tutors and academic coaches capable of proffering the finest of educational experiences available. It’s a service that gives students a unique advantage in their studies available nowhere else, a foundation that will last them a lifetime.




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Alliance Tutoring

Alliance Tutoring & Coaching specializes in assisting teenagers and young adults who have strayed away from their academic path and are in need of additional support and guidance to give them the edge they need to succeed. We are a collection of experienced educators with elite educational backgrounds who help these young people regain their path through a uniquely holistic approach, combining customized executive function and academic support to ease inner tensions and refocus their lives.

Alliance Tutoring Plus

Alliance Tutoring Plus offers dynamic coaches & mentors, with extensive experience in cases of Anxiety, Executive Function Deficiency, ADHD, Learning Differences, and Advanced Learning