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Alliance Tutoring offers academic coaching and tutoring for teens and young adults: in the transition to private school, into college, or in the time between schools.  Alliance provides the following services:

Services for & Elementary and Middle School Students

Alliance Tutoring offers specialized services to Elementary and Middle School Students:

Services for High School Students

Alliance Tutors provides the following tutoring and coaching services to high school students:

College Writing Summer Workshop

Alliance Tutoring offers the following coaching and tutoring services for college students:

Services for College Students

Alliance Tutoring offers the following coaching and tutoring services for college students:

Elite Test Preparation

Alliance Tutoring offers college application and standardized testing prep that includes:


Alliance offers unique flexibility of service to ease academic and test-taking strains. Any or a combination of these services are available.


In-person, in Greenwich, CT


On-demand remote tutoring


In-home tutoring service and academic coaching


360 degree immersive learning environment

Anxiety Institute and Alliance Tutoring Formalize Affiliation

Two organizations team up to assist recovery and transition for students fallen off the path!

Alliance Tutoring, an organization devoted to transitional tutoring has formalized its relationship with The Anxiety Institute of Greenwich, providing outpatient service to teens and young adults suffering from anxiety and anxiety related disorders. Alliance works with those out of school or between schools, providing high level academic tutoring and coaching. In its formal partnership, Alliance now offers on site tutoring at its branch office inside the center.


Alex Merrill

Alexander has taught English, coached, and dorm-parented for nearly 20 years at Dartmouth College, The King School, Kingswood-Oxford, Philips Andover and The Taft School. He is an expert at the college application process, including college essay writing, standardized test preparation, and the recommendation process. He has tutored hundreds of adolescent teens and young adults from middle school through college level on all spectrums, behaviorally and academically. He attended Philips Exeter Academy and received an undergrad degree from Kenyon College and a Masters Degree from Dartmouth College.  He lives in Middlebury, CT with his three rug rats and wife, Alexa.




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Alliance Tutoring specializes in assisting students from adolescence to young adulthood who find themselves in the space between: between schools, between high school and college, or between life paths.  We also focus on those who have departed from their academic and/or life tracks, whether due to trauma, learning disability, perfectionism, health, or any of the other myriad issues that derail the young.