There have been an estimated 6.1 million diagnoses of ADHD according to parent surveys, or roughly 9.4% of the school aged population in the United States. The epidemic of this attention disorder has impacted the education of so many, unable to focus on the academic material in front of them, preventing their learning.

Our one-on-one format is uniquely tailored to these students, preventing the distractions that exist in a traditional classroom. The focus on developing a relationship with the student mitigates distractibility, with instructors experienced at focusing these students. The methods employed involve:

Overview of Goals

Providing an overview of goals for the session and summarizing at the end

Task Analysis

Breaking tasks into smaller steps for the student, or ‘task analysis’

Clear and Predictable Objectives

Asserting clear and predictable expectations for tutoring

Individualized Instruction

Utilizing Differentiated Instruction methods to cater to different learning profiles

Maximize Attention Span

Segmenting Sessions to maximize attention span potential

Healthy Life Practices

Introducing and encouraging healthy life practices such as mindfulness and nutrition

*Generous scholarships available on sliding scale based on demonstrated need.


ADHD Statistics

of children receive school support and or help in the classroom
of students take ADHD medication
of children with ADHD had a behavior or conduct problem
of children with ADHD had anxiety
average of age of diagnosis
increase in ADHD diagnoses in the last 8 years

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