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Alliance has helped transform my English (and many others!) from weak and confusing to powerful and coherent. What I like about Alex the most is he is driven to help his students achieve their goals and will do anything it takes to get there. I am also familiar with other tutors on team Alliance -- they are excellent teachers.


With the amount of responsibility lumped onto a modern high school student’s plate, it’s a wonder that any of them don’t struggle with anxiety! The modern high school education practically demands more specialized care to maintain the balance. Alliance tutors are uniquely capable of providing this balance by utilizing a student’s unique learning profile and underlying motivations and fears. They are skilled at finding ways to motivate and engage students who are overwhelmed with homework, stressed out, disorganized or behind in their coursework. As dynamic educators and life coaches, they coach the anxiety of high-flyers to the worry of those absent from school to the fears of those falling behind, customizing the experience based on the particular student profile. They use differentiated instruction, mindfulness practices, and executive skill building to supplement academics when they hold a student back from life success, often resulting in new confidence and enthusiasm. That anchoring presence of a dynamic coach and tutor is really all it takes. Alliance Tutoring provides…

Less Stress Essay Writing

Writing an essay for a kid with anxiety is often a recipe for disaster.  So many uncontrollable variables exist in the process make it a common point of paralysis.  Alliance Tutors grounds student by taking the subjective and turning it into a more tangible process using frequent, concrete feedback and facilitating writing as a process.

Academic Coaching

Alliance Tutors can coach students through all avenues to success, such as teaching executive management, improving teacher relationships & developing better organizational strategies.

Gradual Exposure & Positivity

The combination of gradual exposure to the academic challenge that is focal or tangential to the anxiety, and frequent, sincere, positive affirmation is a powerful combination to overcoming fear and paralysis.

Evaluating and Strategizing

Alliance Tutors help students select extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities,  summer internships & academic programs.

*Scholarships available on sliding scale based on demonstrated need.

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