Services for College Students



A college environment offers many challenges to students in balancing academic, athletic, extra-curricular, and social worlds, often necessitating skills that are brand new to them. This can be a perfect storm for many young adults. It is no wonder that the attrition rate for freshman year averages 33% in American colleges! Alliance seeks to mitigate this problem by assisting students who are overwhelmed with homework, stressed out, disorganized, and behind in their courses. They can also help provide coaching and strategizing on course registration, relationships with professors, and social life. In sum, they provide holistic support to college students when they need it most. They offer:

College Adjustment Services

Our tutors provide comprehensive service in the first year of college when many anxious students succumb to the pressure and drop out. Developing regular mindfulness techniques, better executive management, and improved life skills can make the difference.

Ultimate Flexibility

Tutoring & Coaching is available in the Fairfield area and online anywhere in the world! The convenience of online tutoring offer a convenience factor that helps to develop and maintain the bond between tutor and student.

Dynamic Expert Instruction

Our tutors are experts in their field with advanced degrees in their fields and teaching experience. But in addition to being simple academics, they also have impressive life experience, thus their guidance doesn’t end with just Economics.

*Generous scholarships available on sliding scale based on demonstrated need.



Science (Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology & Physics: All Levels and Subjects through Post-Graduate)

Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Multi-Variable, Discrete: All Levels Through Post-Graduate)

Humanities (English, Religious Studies, History, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Art History, Film Studies, Music, Archaeology, Sociology, Poly-Sci: All Levels and Subjects Through Post-Graduate)

Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin, Greek; Comparative Literature: All Levels Through Post-Graduate)

Business (Micro and Macro Economics, Finance, Banking, Management, Communication & Marketing: All Levels Through Post-Graduate)