Texting has become a routine part of communication to most subcultures in America, but it’s easy to overlook how important it is to teenagers. While to some degree it can seem like an adult “invading the clubhouse” (certainly the case with instagram), if you adopt the rapport of the “one of them,” (study your emojis and text etiquette!) and take the tone of “no big deal,” then texting can be a major boost in your relationship.

One student I have right now texts me every time she does a practice section of the SAT, mostly to brag. I respond with the ghost/home alone blue and white face (?) or the traditional double strong arm. I text when there are events coming up in their lives (like birthdays or graduations or vacations) or obviously when they have big tests, etc. It’s the way to show you care and are there to root for them. It might be the most important way build.a connection, especially at this point in time. Happy texting!