If you’re still studying or recently graduated, you’re likely still trying to figure out your next steps career-wise. While you’re determining what path to take, you need to earn some cash. Freelance writing is a great side hustle that you can transform into a full-time career if you like it. It’s also very flexible, making it easy to do alongside school. Here are some tips to get started, courtesy of Alliance Tutoring.

Invest in the Right Tools You Need to Succeed

Another great thing about writing is that it doesn’t require a lot of investment. Your overhead costs will be low when you’re starting, making it an easy niche to get into. That said, you will need some tools. Obvious essentials include a computer, printer, word processing software, a dictionary and thesaurus app, and time management software.

Also, it’s a great idea to use an invoice maker to generate professional-looking invoices for your clients. In addition to facilitating timely payment, this can also be a great asset when it comes to your own recordkeeping. And if your budget is tight (especially when you’re just getting started), there are plenty of templates out there that you can use and customize for free!

Start Building a Portfolio to Showcase Your Skills

A writing portfolio allows you to showcase your talents. It allows potential clients to see what your writing style is like and which topics you are confident writing about. There are portfolio sites you can use to compile your clips, like Clippings.me and Pressfolios. Choose your best work and display it proudly. You can also share it via social media platforms to help spread the word!

Market Yourself to Attract Clients

To find clients, you need to market your services. Your portfolio is one marketing method. You can also find clients using work-for-hire platforms like Upwork or Fiverr Pro. As you start to gain momentum, it will get easier to find new gigs. Your portfolio will also expand, giving you more samples to show to people and making it easier to attract new work.

Consider Forming a Legal Business Entity

As you gain clients and start making money, establish your writing gig as a legal entity like a limited liability company. An LLC offers streamlined paperwork, tax benefits, and flexibility. It also protects your personal liability. Instead of hiring an expensive lawyer to found your LLC, use a business formation service!

Writing can be a wonderful way to make money alongside other endeavors like your education. It’s a job that can be done remotely and flexibly, allowing you to decide where, when, and how much you want to work. If you love it, you can also turn it into a career.

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