By Gwen Payne of Invisible Moms

Fatigue can be caused by the stress of parenting a child with special needs, the demands of work and family, or an ongoing medical issue you’re trying to manage. Regardless of its cause, being overly tired can affect your ability to interact with other people, participate in activities, and enjoy good health overall. If you’re struggling with fatigue as a parent, these tips will help you prevent or relieve fatigue so you can enjoy your life more fully while doing what’s best for your child.

Signs of Parental Fatigue

Do you experience any (or several) of the following signs?

  • Changes in energy level, sleep patterns, or mood 
  • Restless sleep and waking up later than normal 
  • Fatigue that interferes with daily activities
  • A reluctance to socialize or engage in hobbies
  • Anger, worry, or frustration about your child’s disability 
  • Lack of time for yourself due to caregiving responsibilities

If so, it may be time to make some lifestyle changes.

Reducing Your Stress at Home

Reduce daily stress by establishing time limits for your chores, work projects, or schoolwork. Also, delegate chores so no one is overburdened with household tasks.

Taking Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself and your physical and mental health. This includes making sure you’re getting regular exercise, drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet; practicing meditation, yoga, and deep breathing; and finding time for yourself to unwind with friends or engage in hobbies. You should aim for eight hours of sleep every night, too.

Pursuing Your Personal Goals

Whether it’s furthering your education, improving your resume, or making more time for yourself and your loved ones, setting goals can be instrumental in finding balance. Taking courses online allows you to work full-time and attend school part-time. Online learning allows you to progress at your own pace and fit classes into your schedule. If you’re considering getting an online degree, look into accredited online schools first. They provide small class sizes, individualized instruction, and flexible course schedules that make it easy for anyone who has a busy lifestyle to complete their degree.

Avoid Things Getting Worse

When you’re stressed it’s difficult to focus on your child’s needs. If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and are not taking steps to address them, your fatigue may be due to these underlying issues. To get rid of that tired feeling, you should consider getting help from a mental health professional.

Asking for Help From Other Family Members

Just because you’re caring for your child, doesn’t mean you have to carry all the emotional burden alone. Discussing your feelings and worries with other family members can help alleviate some stress while taking some of those responsibilities away from you. Asking other family members for help could also allow them to understand your situation and be more compassionate.

Prevent Fatigue

Take the necessary steps if you’re serious about preventing fatigue. Learn how to manage your time so you’re equipped to give your child proper care. Visit Alliance Tutoring for extra help with your child’s education.

About the Author: Gwen Payne is a stay-at-home mom with an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, she has mastered raising her two daughters while side hustling to success through small ventures based on her passions — from dog walking to writing to ecommerce. With she hopes to show other stay-at-home parents how they can achieve their business-owning dreams.