HELPFUL TIP: Slow yourself down a bit and make sure you understand what the question is asking you. Is it asking for meters or cubic meters? Is it asking for X or X+Y? Is it asking which sentence to eliminate for stylistic continuity or which to eliminate for flow? If you can find that additional step of understanding what the test makers are quizzing you on, you’re already 90% of the way to solving: ex… this question is quizzing ambiguous pronoun use, so I need to find the accurate combination of pronoun and antecedent. Knowing the question avoids a lot of later heartbreak.

Relevant Story: After tutoring test prep for 20 years, it astounds me sometimes how many of student errors are in not understanding the question due to concentration lapses or just straight hastiness. If 90% of your errors on the tests and practice tests are due to not accurately grasping the question, why are you focusing on the quadratic formula or obscure comma rules? Practice focusing on the question by guessing what point the test makers are trying to quiz, and how they might be trying to trap overly hasty test takers with trap answers.