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Welcome to Course Allies, an innovative program designed to address academic challenges head-on while managing anxiety. Our carefully curated courses in Biology, US History, American Literature, Microeconomics, Algebra, Chemistry, and European History are tailored for high school students seeking to conquer their subjects with confidence. Each course provides a supportive learning environment, making complex concepts more accessible and transforming anxiety into achievement.

Course Ally: Essay Writing

There’s a crazed lunatic at the dark back of our heads that wants to see us fail. He used to come out for me when I was in high school when an essay was assigned and shut down my higher cognitive functions until all that was left was the impulse to watch endless reruns of The Office.

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Planning and Organization for Kids with Anxiety

Planning and Organization is by far the most important executive skill for kids for anxiety, equal, in fact, to any understanding of factoring binomials or The Declaration of Independence. Without one, a student makes success on a tangible level far more difficult to obtain, entirely subject to the triggers for worry.

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Course Ally: Biology

“Dive into “Introduction to Biology,” a course designed to transform your understanding of biology while managing anxiety. Tailored for high school students, it offers a supportive and manageable approach to mastering biology, ensuring a confidence-boosting learning experience.

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Course Ally: United States History

“United States History” is a unique course tailored for high school students who want to excel in their United States history studies while managing anxiety. It provides a flexible, understanding approach that transforms complex historical topics into manageable lessons, fostering both knowledge and confidence.

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Course Ally: American Literature

“Introduction to American Literature” offers a unique learning experience for high school students looking to enhance their grasp of American literature while addressing the challenges of anxiety. This course is designed to break down complex literary concepts into manageable segments, providing a pathway to success in a supportive and understanding environment.

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Course Ally: Microeconomics

“Introduction to Microeconomics” is specifically designed for high school students seeking to improve their microeconomics knowledge while managing study-related anxiety. The course offers a supportive learning environment, breaking down complex economic concepts into easier-to-understand segments to help students not only improve their grades but also their confidence in the subject.

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Course Ally: Algebra

“Introduction to Algebra” is a transformative course tailored for high school students seeking to enhance their algebra skills in a supportive environment that addresses anxiety. This course breaks down algebraic concepts into manageable lessons, aimed at building understanding and confidence in mathematics.

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Course Ally: Chemistry

“Introduction to Chemistry” is crafted for high school students aiming to excel in chemistry while effectively managing their anxiety. This course breaks down complex chemical concepts into digestible parts, offering a supportive pathway to mastery and confidence in the subject.

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Course Ally: European History

“Introduction to European History” is designed for high school students eager to excel in European History while addressing learning anxieties. This course offers an engaging, supportive environment to break down complex historical events into understandable segments, empowering students to achieve academic success with confidence.

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