If your family is anything like mine, you are currently caught in the cross-hairs of an advanced state of pandemic fatigue. To boot, many schools have now sent their students home or at least reduced the amount of time they are spending in school face to face for safety, often until at least after winter break.

For us, this has meant having all three kids, 8, 3 and 1 home all day, every day, and it’s been… well, ‘hectic’ is a kind word for it. My wife and I both (thankfully) work from home, so we take turns getting overwhelmed to the point of surrender by three rabid honey badgers. Every surface of the house that is not covered in toys has either been poked with a fork, scribbled on in pencil (shout out to my wife’s brand new laptop!), or mutilated by weaponized house accoutrement. My eight year-old stenciled our last name, “Merrill,” on the side of our minivan, complete with a big heart for good measure, then when interrogated over the incident suggested that “raccoons might have done it.” Every child (and adult) currently has some sort of scar, bruise, burn, scab, cut, or abrasion on their bodies and 2 out of 5 have had close ER calls, which were entirely terrifying given the state of our local hospital.

We are technically “homeschooling,” and my wife has done a fabulous job of that with the resources we have available. She generally does that during my one year-old’s nap time for several hours in the afternoon with the two big kids. However, other than that, our children have become essentially feral.

If this is the state of your household, which I imagine it may be for many out there, I’m here to say that we can help you.

Alliance Tutoring provides tutoring and coaching for your brood, either in home in Fairfield County and the greater NY area or online. We have a branch devoted to K-8 and anther for teens and young college-aged adults, in particular. The tutors can help organize your progeny and assist them in their coursework for school, or even provide original curriculum if your school has… struggled to meet the challenge in this hard time. The tutors, with five plus years’ experience and advanced degrees, are dynamic in providing not just academic support but personal support as well in areas like executive function, mindfulness and social-emotional skill-building. We specialize in kids that have anxiety, which seems to describe just about everyone these days. (Including yours truly!)

If you are working or parenting from home and feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of educating and caring for your kids, please don’t continue to suffer alone in this. We can help you and your weather this storm and get someone to assist you in getting through. You can email me personally at alex@alliancetutoring.com, and I will find the right resources to assist you immediately.

Take care everybody and stay safe in this dark winter!