Like many others I’d imagine, I’ve been watching the recent protests with much compassion. Coming from a background of white privilege, I don’t feel like I can say much about it, so I will leave it at this: the BLM movement has my full support and the full support of Alliance Tutoring.

As many have pointed out, educational disadvantages play a key role for Black Americans in this country. While it is not in my direct power to change this inequality for all, I do have the ability to greatly empower a few worthy young students by making one small, very modest contribution to what should hopefully prove to be a wave a change.

As such, Alliance Tutoring will be launching the “Rising Stars Scholarship” beginning this summer, 2020. The scholarship, granted four times a year, will provide young underprivileged black students free access to the comprehensive services of some of the best instructors and mentors in the country in assisting the process of getting to college and in staying there once they arrive. This personalized assistance with highly qualified individuals in college application and retention will greatly benefit those black students who might otherwise not enjoy this type of support. The details of the scholarship and the application process will be announced shortly.

While it is a trifling, and by no means a complete, tribute to a greater movement, all of us at Alliance Tutoring hope that empowering a few young black students can make a small impact and hopefully inspire others in the industry to open more doors for these promising young students, as well.

Alexander W. Merrill

Owner and Founder of Alliance Tutoring