Helpful Tip: While I’ve experimented with Kaplan, College Board, Princeton Review, etc, the guidebook I’ve settled on is the Peterson’s. It has a diagnostic test that divides up questions by type and then provides the content and sample questions that you need to work on. That’s convenient! It provides a lot of practice tests (9 for the SAT version), with the detailed answer explanations. It has some wonky questions, and some errors, but nothing too far beyond common. It’s the gold standard in my mind. Other organizations like Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton Review, tend to hype up fluffy strategies like process of elimination, giving them fancy acronyms (POE in that case) to suggest they’ve trademarked strategies are intuitive and fairly standard. Peterson’s focuses on the material. It’s a must for any tutor or test taker, in my opinion, and I have no stake.