Sample Syllabi Dystopian Literature and Film

Sample Syllabi



The Genre

In a time when the world is in a sort of crisis as to whether it should rescue itself from annihilation or whether it should elevate its global ambitions to visions of utopia, few genres are as relevant as dystopian. In examining several seminal dystopian novels in 1984 and Brave New World, in addition to considering some classic dystopian short stories, this class considers nine key constituent elements of the dystopian genre and the implications to modern society in connection to film, television, music, and popular culture.

The Assessment

The assessments include a creative imitative piece, an analytical essay and personal essay response.  The writing and critical thinking skills ask students to see the relevance of the thematic material in these texts in their own personal lives.  For all essays, students will practice using MLA style and formatting requirements.

Taught by a highly experienced and successful English teacher from an elite private school,this course will help you build key, foundational skills necessary to excel in any high school English class.


The two major texts: 1984 and Brave New World would need to be purchased.  All diagnostic and practice materials will be taken from free, online sources and/or provided by the instructor in advance of each lesson. For all online sessions, the students should have access to a high-speed internet connection with working microphone and webcam and all students should be able to access zoom.us for lessons.  All smartphone apps are also available as downloads for desktop/laptop/tablet computers.

*No special equipment is required.

Additional Sample Syllabi