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Regardless of the particular anxieties of a student, the good news is that there are scientifically proven strategies to utilize in tutoring and mentoring the student to ease their anxieties and get them back on track academically.  These techniques may not all be appropriate or relevant for every student, which is why the diagnostic process and tutor matching process is so important in getting the right fit to a relationship that has the potential to change a child’s life forever.


Executive deficiencies tend to cause a great deal of...

Executive deficiencies tend to cause a great deal of anxiety for students who struggle with them.  Executive functioning involves three main areas: Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility, and Inhibitory Control.  A student with a deficit in executive functioning may struggle with academic tasks like paying attention, organization & planning, starting tasks & completing them, understanding different points of view, and regulating their emotions.  All kids with ADHD typically have difficulty with executive skills.  Our tutors, trained in executive skill-building, can coach students to develop anchoring organizational skills and develop strategies to improve focus in their studies.


Often students with anxiety...

Often students with anxiety have little awareness of their own mental process in their academics and even fewer strategies for coping for these particular pathologies.  Our tutors help students develop better awareness of a student’s approach to academics.  One particular tool that can greatly improve self-awareness and self-control and focus is meditation.  By gently coaxing students to use easy to use apps like Calm, Headspace and Aura, the results can have a profound influence on mental performance.  The challenge is often getting the student to see the value and adopt the practice.  Generally, once they do, the results are life-altering.


Our tutors work in conjunction...

Our tutors work in conjunction with therapists to guide students through gradual exposure to academic discomfort, in order to develop an awareness of their mental state in the circumstances that are at the root of their feelings of paralysis.  Developing an awareness of the triggers and responses to these stimuli provides a sense of empowerment and ownership over them for students, who can then develop the skills to overcome adversities that would otherwise be crippling in academic and life success.


Not all students have the same...

Not all students have the same primary learning channel.  Some learn best through Visual input, some through Auditory, some through Kinesthetic (learning through hands on application), and all have some combination of these sensory learning processes.  Why would we teach and assess them through a standardized pedagogy then as many schools do?  Our tutors are adept at translating coursework from a learning challenge to a learning strength for an anxious student.  If you meet the student in his or her world, this greatly eases anxiety and creates a sense of comfort, control and relaxation about learning with surprising results.


Life coaching can play a key role in...

Life coaching can play a key role in academic success.  Often the issues that affect student performance extend beyond the classroom.  Life coaching helps identify what these issues are specifically and identifies techniques for best addressing those obstacles.  Eliminating these obstacles, or at very least, developing better awareness of them, often empowers students and facilitates better life success.  Confidence can also result from lessons in targeted life skills, such as operating a bank account, paying a bill, or sending a formal email, all critical knowledge often ignored in schools.

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