Homeschool Tutoring Package

COVID-19 Homeschool Tutoring Package

Homeschool Tutoring Packages

Alliance Tutoring can be your shepherd! We can offer your son or daughter an expert tutor, either online or in home, who can motivate and guide your young student through this challenging time, particularly those who suffer from anxiety. Alliance Tutors are the best educators in the country, and act as both coaches and instructors, and specialize in techniques aimed at assisting anxious students such as executive skill coaching and mindfulness practices. The tutor cans guide students through academic material, but also work with them to organize their time, their materials, and their lives generally to reduce their worries and keep them on track. If it is a high-level instructor that you seek to guide your child through this time, look no further.


Alliance tutoring, a collection of experienced educators with elite educational backgrounds, drawn from the private school circuit, aim to help these young people to regain their tread through a delicate balance of customized personal connection and academic tutoring, easing inner tensions and refocusing their lives.