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Education Consultants


Versatile Tutoring



Alliance Tutors have extensive experience in working with students of all ability levels and learning styles. They have impressive educational backgrounds from schools like Dartmouth, Exeter, and Andover. Our tutors are experts in their fields and take pride in being excellent educators.

Young Adults
in Transition



Alliance focuses on teens and young adults in transition, either in transition to a new institution, or simply in a transition on their life path. We offer services for middle school, high school, and college students; and a branch centered in Greenwich that specially focuses on those with ADHD, LD and Anxiety Related Conditions.

Ultimate Flexibility



Alliance Tutoring offers tutoring services online, in-home and in-person at our center in Greenwich. Our busy clients value the flexibility and the rarity of high quality tutoring.


Alliance Tutoring focuses on the following services:

Course Make-Up and Supplemental Course Work

Academic Coaching and Course Assistance

Liaison Services

College/High School Application and Testing Assistance



Specialized Tutors

Alliance Tutoring seeks to help teens and young adults ages 12-25 who are in transition between institutions, applying to college or private school, or attempting to make the transition to this new institution.  Our most common cases involve those who are attempting to make the jump to college, where current attrition rates are enormous, due to a stark lack of reliable guidance in contemporary institutions.  We find it to be particularly helpful service for those who may struggle with a complete shift in dynamic from structure to complete freedom.

Alliance offers experienced educators who have advanced degrees, able to address even the most challenging cases by drawing on their background in education. They are warm and personable, forming close attachments with clients, developing a necessary rapport for personal and educational success.

The flexibility of our service also provides great benefit in this relationship, as we are able to offer tutoring, coaching, and liaison services in one.

One branch of our services centered at “The Anxiety Institute” focuses specifically on those with ADHD, Learning Differences, and Anxiety and its many related conditions, such as perfectionism and social phobia.