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Complete College Admission guidance



Navigating the transition from high school to college can be really challenging. Students have to balance studying for SAT or ACT, selecting and completing the right courses in their senior year, writing college essays, and managing athletic or extra-curricular demands. Having a trusted guide to help your child succeed in these difficult tasks can make a huge difference. Don't leave the prospects of his or her collegiate career to chance! Alliance has developed a network of highly trained and experienced tutors that can work side by side with your teen to guide them through theses adversities. Alliance also offers proprietary test prep programs that will your student increase their score by "cracking" the test. It's actually a bit of a secret, but we have the magical touch for quickly bumping up scores here. Above all, we work to help your child get in, and stay in, the college of their dreams! Alliance Tutoring offers complete college admission guidance that includes:

Standardized Testing Process

The tutors will assist the student in the entire standardized testing process, from general approaches to taking the test, to specialized academic material, to strategies to “crack” the SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, AP and other associated testing.  We’ve got the magic touch!

Complete College Essays

The tutors will assist the student in completing all college essays: general and supplemental, drafting and redrafting until the essays well represent the student’s positive qualities.  We’re experts on what college admissions officials seek and how to customize the essays to get noticed.

College Transition Assistance

Our tutors provide total support– in academics, extra-curricular and social life– in the notoriously difficult transition into college.  With a 25% attrition rate in the first year alone in American colleges, nothing could be more important than providing this support.

*Scholarships available on sliding scale based on demonstrated need.